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A Squared has partnered with a number of European / EU manufacturers as Asia-Pacific regional sales representative. To manufacturers, we enable fast expansion of distributor network, by identifying and working with the most suitable partners from our extensive contact network in the region. Contact us today at if you are a distributor and would like to discuss distribution opportunities with us.

Level Medical Systems - Laser Therapy represented by A Squared in Asia

gbo Medizintechnik AG

gbo has grown mostly as an OEM partner for SIEMENS and has developed and produced the major part of the SIEMENS Physical Therapy program. From this the company derived not only a solid know-how in medical engineering but also our understanding of quality. In recent years, gbo has: systematically expanded its product portfolio in Physical Therapy towards medically innovative products

- developed and produced valuable products for OEM customers 

- expanded successfully into the market of

cosmetic devices.

Level Medical Systems - Laser Therapy represented by A Squared in Asia

Level srl 

LEVEL Medical Systems is a brand leader worldwide for quality and innovation in the therapeutic laser market. LEVEL is at the forefront of laser technology, and has been working closely in the last 20 years with research universities and institutes. In 1993 the first power diodes laser could be manufactured and since then, quality and performances of the LEVEL lasers are unmatched in the world-wide market.
LEVEL is also committed to Research and Development of new magnetotherapy, ultrasound therapy

and bio-electrostimulation devices.

Welcome to

A Squared


A² is a leading Hong Kong-based physiotherapy, wellness and healthcare company. 


We develop new markets for leading manufacturers, enable fast market introduction of our partner's branded or OEM products, and add value in the chain from manufacturer to end-user. 

Contact us at:

or call: +852 8191 7646

             +44 20 3290 4717

             +32 50 946 011

BELA Lampenfabrikation - Infrared Radiation Therapy devices represented by A Squared in Asia

BELA Lampenfabrikation

BELA Lampenfabrikation offers the highest quality IR radiator systems on the market. Equally suitable for traditional physiotherapy as well as TCM practitioners, BELA offers a choice of 3, 4, and 6 bulb radiators with independent switches, and timer, either with stand or with ceiling or wall mounting system. 

COG-Trainer - Advanced Interactive Upper Limb Rehabilitation - represented by A Squared in Overseas Export Markets

COG-Trainer: Advanced Interactive Upper Limb Rehabilitation

COG-Trainer is an interactive, upper limb rehabilitation concept, combining advanced hardware and software. Patients are guided through a set of individually adapted, interactive rehabilitation exercises, which simulate activities of daily living (ADL). The biofeedback programme accelerates rehabilitation speed and cognitive function. Software includes comprehensive reporting feature for easy tracking of patient’s progress.

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