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We offer fitness and wellness products which are complementary to our physiotherapy and rehabilitation products. These include general gym products, as well as pilates equipment, wearable health trackers.

Pilates Equipment Hong Kong China

Pilates Equipment

We offer a full range of high quality Pilates Equipment, including reformers with half and full trapeze, cadillac, combo chair, ladder barrel, spine correctors and wall bars. We offer choice in construction material of maple or German beech wood, or aluminium.

Wearable Health Trackers Blood Pressure Step Counter Heart Rate Monitor

Wearable Health Trackers - Smart Bracelets

Our latest multi-function Wearable Health Trackers all come with mobile phone syncing, step measurement, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, automatic reminders, message display, remote photo taking, calorie expenditure, distance, alarms.

Our top model now includes blood pressure and oxygen saturation function!

Welcome to

A Squared


A² is a leading Hong Kong-based physiotherapy, wellness and healthcare company. 


We develop new markets for leading manufacturers, enable fast market introduction of our partner's branded or OEM products, and add value in the chain from manufacturer to end-user. 

Contact us at:

or call: +852 8191 7646

             +44 20 3290 4717

             +32 50 946 011

BBMask Near Infrared LED Wellness Skin Rejuvenation Mask

Near-Infrared LED Wellness & Skin Rejuvenation Mask

Highly effective drug-free, cosmetic-free way to keep skin young. Rejuvenates at the cell level. NIR (Near Infrared) was discovered by NASA as an effective modality for skin recovery, and regeneration of burnt skin. No harmful side effects have been reported fron NIR.

Contact us for exclusive overseas distribution enquiries.

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