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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Products

A Squared is specialist in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Equipment. We have a complete offering of standard therapy products, ranging from treatment tables, to electrotherapy, ultrasound, combination therapy, portable TENS, shockwave, cryotherapy, active & passive motion rehabilitation.

Fitness & Wellness Products
Our Fitness & Wellness products complement physiotherapy as they are often used by therapists in addition to standard physio and rehabilitation equipment. We offer fit balls, dumbells, occupational therapy products, wearable health trackers and some wellness products such as Near Infrared Mask.

Hospital and General Medical Equipment
A Squared has an excellent supply network for hospital furniture e.g. hospital beds, patient care beds as well as patient monitors, ECG devices and consumables e.g. syringes, hospital gloves, first aid, gauze etc...
Please contact us at with any enquiries and we will be happy to assist.


Welcome to

A Squared


A² is a leading Hong Kong-based physiotherapy, wellness and healthcare company. 


We develop new markets for leading manufacturers, enable fast market introduction of our partner's branded or OEM products, and add value in the chain from manufacturer to end-user. 

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or call: +852 8191 7646

             +44 20 3290 4717

             +32 50 946 011

A Squared supplies products belonging to three main categories: physiotherapy & rehabilitation, fitness & wellness, hospital & general medical. To find out more, please click on each of the categories.

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