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CryoStream™  BENEFITS

• 52 Treatment Protocol Presets: easily selectable, based on latest scientific studies

• Custom Presets can easily be added by therapist

• High-Precision Cryotherapy, without risk of tissue damage

• Advanced IR Biofeedback System: constant temperature on the treatment spot guaranteed

• Cost-Efficient: no consumable or additional costs

• Simple Touch-Screen Operation: large full colour LCD screen

• Suitable for Aesthetic (Hair Laser Removal, pain reduction) and Physiotherapy Application

• Powerful: 10 adjustable airflow levels up to 1000 l/min

• Mobility: high quality trolley with 4 stop-lock castor wheels allow great mobility and stability

• Ergonomic, back-friendly device height for therapist 111cm, easy to access while standing

• Secure storage of handpiece after use

• Full day operation without downtime

• Made in Europe: manufactured according to the highest quality manufacturing standards

• 2 Year Warranty


CryoStream™ - Intelligent High Precision Cryo with Biofeedback

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