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RLE 004
Infrared light lamp solo with 4 infrared light bulbs at 250 watt, plastic enclosure in modern design, with two handholds, digital time switch, lamellae enclosure. With connecting piece for wall arm, ceiling arm or stand (sold separately).


This is BELA's top-of-the line, design Infrared Radiator.


The device has an outstanding and elegant, almost futuristic design. The connector that is meant to hold a stand, ceiling or wall arm, as well as the handles and the operator control with digital timer perfectly blend in ih the plastic housing.


The technical inner workings are new and differ from common devices one can find on the market. The infrared light does not hit the skin directly but is redirected through reflectors to radiate the desired body area. This is what makes a difference because the warmth does not impinge upon the skin point by point, but spreads out evenly with an improved level of efficiency on the whole body area that needs to be radiated. The burning sensation patients often used to describe are therefore a thing of the past.


Colour: enclosure translucent white, handholds and cover plate anthracite


N.B. Mounting system / stand NOT INCLUDED. A range of choices are available for separate purchase on this site.

BELA RLE004 Infrared Radiator with 4 IR Lamps


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