Infrared Light Radiator RLJ001, the Classic Treatment Standard

in IR Therapy Radiators, with a metal enclosure and three infrared light lamps.

With connecting piece for wall arm, ceiling arm or stand (sold separately).


Ideal for:

- Physical therapy offices and bathing facilities 

- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices

- Doctor's offices and rehabilitation centres

- Hospitals

- Spa and Wellness Facilities


Technical data:

• Three infrared light lamps - each of them with a wattage of 250 watts

• seperately operable

• Supply voltage 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

• Mechanical timer switch of up to 60 min.

• Option: Dimmer

• Color: white


N.B. Mounting system / stand NOT INCLUDED. A range of choices are available for separate purchase on this site.

BELA RLJ001 Infrared Radiator with 3 IR Light Bulbs

  • BELA infrared light radiators are equipped with high-quality, 250 Watts, infrared lamps that quickly heat up after the device has been turned on. Complicated and expensive pre-heating is not necessary. The lamps can be turned on in groups of two or three. If desired, a single lamp operation is deliverable.

    BELA® infrared light radiators are equipped with standard protection against contact. The spotlight heads are easily adjustable so that they stay in the desired position during the heat treatment.